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A novel solution for the patient with knee ankylosing spondylitis: a case report


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Background: Knee ankylosis is a joint condition that causes functional limitation that becomes more severe when accompanied by pain. Arthroplasty is a complex and intricate reconstruction procedure that is more challenging when there is a structural limitation that requires a technique modification. In this report, we presented a rare case of a young patient with knee ankylosis and flexion contracture treated with arthroplasty.

Case Presentation: A 20-year-old young woman came to the hospital with stiffness in her left knee, inability to sit well and crouch, and difficulty getting up from sitting. Based on the physical examination and X-ray of the left knee, the patient showed bone ankylosis on the femorotibial joint with a 100 flexion, which confirmed knee ankylosis. Arthroplasty was performed with a parapatellar medial approach. After eight months of supervision, the patient was able to perform an active flexion within 1050 and a full extension on the left knee. In our patient, arthroplasty brought a satisfying functional outcome and pain reduction, which was also supported by previous studies with the same procedure on ankylosis patients.

Conclusion:  Arthroplasty can be considered the main therapy option for joint deformities due to its more satisfying outcomes.


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